One of our greatest powers as consumers in the western world is how we choose to spend our money. At Aid Through Trade™ we know this to be true and we have built our entire organization with that in mind. Every Aid Through Trade™ product is handmade with love in Nepal™ and each purchase directly supports our commitment to empowering the lives of women through ethical, fair, and sustainable employment.

In fact, in 1994 Aid Through Trade™ became a Founding Member of the Fair Trade Federation. As a pioneer in the Fair Trade fashion industry, we empower the lives of women by employing practices such as ensuring fair pay, a sustainable income, and a safe and healthy working environment.

Aid Through Trade™ is also a member of Green America and is committed to sustainability in all aspects of our business. We make decisions not only for the future of our business, but also the future welfare of our artisans abroad. We also believe that human actions affect the environment and consequently take proactive measures to limit our environmental footprint

Both the Fair Trade Federation and Green America work to create positive change and bring greater equality to those involved in the manufacture of products for export in developing countries; a mission that is simply at the very core of how we do business.