<br>The Uptown Girl<br> Brass On sale
<br>The Uptown Girl<br> Midnight Blue On sale
<br>The Uptown Girl<br> Black Brass
<br>The Uptown Girl<br> Cream
<br>The Braided Hema<br> Brass On sale
<br>The Braided Hema<br> Midnight Blue On sale
<br>The Braided Hema<br> Black
<br>The Braided Hema<br> Cream
<br>Hema Herringbone<br> Brass On sale
<br>Hema Herringbone<br> Midnight Blue On sale
<br>Hema Herringbone<br> Black
<br>Hema Herringbone<br> Cream
<br>The Brooklyn Mini <br> Brass On sale
<br>The Brooklyn Mini <br> Midnight Blue On sale
<br>The Brooklyn Mini <br> Black
<br>The Brooklyn Mini <br> Cream
<br>The Olivia Necklace<br> Brass On sale
<br>The Olivia Necklace<br> Black
<br>The Olivia Necklace<br> Cream
<br>Hema Knot<br> Brass On sale

Hema Knot

$ 24 $ 34

<br>Hema Knot<br> Midnight Blue On sale
<br>Hema Knot<br> Black
<br>Hema Knot<br> Cream
<br>The Golden Division Necklace <br> Brass On sale
<br>The Golden Division Necklace <br> Silver On sale
<br>The Golden Division Necklace <br> Black
<br>The Golden Division Necklace <br> Cream
<br>Hema Necklace<br> Brass On sale
<br>Hema Necklace<br> Silver On sale
<br>Hema Necklace<br>Black
<br>Hema Necklace<br> Cream
<br>Hema Necklace<br>Black and Cream
<br> The Wanderer Tassel<br> Aquamarine On sale
<br>The Waldorf Necklace<br> Aquamarine On sale
<br>The Uptown Girl<br> Tulip On sale
<br>The Braided Hema<br> Tulip On sale
<br>The Golden Division Necklace <br> Tulip On sale
<br>Hema Necklace<br> Tulip On sale
<br>The Waldorf Necklace<br> Tulip On sale
<br>Hema Knot <br> White On sale

Hema Knot

$ 24 $ 34

<br>The Waldorf Necklace<br> Cream On sale
<br>The Braided Hema<br> Goddess On sale
<br>The Uptown Girl<br> Goddess On sale
<br>The Brooklyn Mini <br> Goddess On sale
<br>The Waldorf Necklace <br> Desert Rose On sale
<br>The Braided Hema <br> Twilight On sale