***NEW*** <br>The Petite Finley Earring <br> Sky
***NEW*** <br>The Petite Finley Earring <br> Honey Be back soon!
<br>The Petite Finley Earring <br> Cream
<br>The Petite Finley Earring <br> Black
***NEW*** <br>The Finley Earring <br> Sky
***NEW*** <br>The Finley Earring <br> Honey
<br>The Finley Earring <br> Cream
<br>The Finley Earring <br> Black
***NEW*** <br>Rosette Earrings<br> Sky
***NEW*** <br>Rosette Earrings<br> Honey
<br>Rosette Earrings<br> Cream
<br>Rosette Earrings<br> Black
***NEW*** <br>Globe Posts <br> Sky
***NEW*** <br>Globe Posts <br> Honey
<br>Globe Posts<br> Cream
<br>Globe Posts<br> Black
<br>The Bauble Earring <br> Sky
<br>The Bauble Earring <br> Honey
<br>The Bauble Earring <br> Cream
<br>The Bauble Earring <br> Black
***NEW*** <br>The Charlie Earring <br> Sky
***NEW*** <br>The Charlie Earring <br> Honey
<br>The Charlie Earring <br> Cream
<br>The Charlie Earring <br> Black
***NEW*** <br>The Chelsea Teardrop <br> Sky
***NEW*** <br>The Chelsea Teardrop <br> Honey
<br>The Chelsea Teardrop <br> Cream
<br>The Chelsea Teardrop <br> Black
***NEW*** <br>The Olivia Hoop <br> Sky
***NEW*** <br>The Olivia Hoop <br> Honey
<br>The Olivia Hoop <br> Cream
<br>The Olivia Hoop <br> Black
***NEW*** <br>The Uptown Girl Hoops <br> Sky
***NEW*** <br>The Uptown Girl Hoops <br> Honey
<br> The Uptown Girl Hoops <br> Cream
<br> The Uptown Girl Hoops <br> Black
***NEW*** <br>The Roll-On® Hoop <br> Sky
***NEW*** <br>The Roll-On® Hoop <br> Honey
<br>The Roll-On® Hoop <br> Cream
<br>The Roll-On® Hoop <br> Black
***NEW*** <br> Colorblocked Brass Hoops <br> Sky
***NEW*** <br> Colorblocked Brass Hoops <br> Honey
<br> Colorblocked Brass Hoop <br> Cream
<br> Colorblocked Brass Hoop <br> Black
***NEW***<br>Gyroscope Earring <br> Sky
***NEW***<br>Gyroscope Earring <br> Honey
<br> Gyroscope Earring <br> Cream
<br> Gyroscope Earring <br> Black
***NEW*** <br>The Waldorf Earring <br> Sky
***NEW*** <br>The Waldorf Earring <br> Honey
<br>The Waldorf Earring<br> Cream
<br>The Waldorf Earring<br> Black