Some of my favorite things:

movie I like: Secrets and Lies
book I like: To a God Unknown, Steinbeck
artist (music) I like: Van Morrison
animal I like: elephant
politician I like: Lincoln
food I like: sweet potato
part of earth I like: ocean
hobby I like: writing poetry

Secrets and Lies is not a movie for everyone. Even if I saw it again, I don't know how much I'd like. I love that the actors look like regular people, not all Hollywood. The story is love waiting obscured by stuff, like happens in many lives, including my own.

To a God Unknown has great meaning for me having lived in remote village areas of Nepal for six years, with village farmers.

Van is a man on a quest and his words rock now like they did 30 years ago. He often plays several instruments in one song.

I have liked elephants since I was a kid.

Lincoln. His writing is without compare.

Sweet potato. The Tharu ethnic group I lived with in Nepal grew these. We also used it in a ceremony at my wedding as my food. (My wife chose peaches.)

Nothing like being near the ocean. Anything is possible there.

One day several years back I started writing poetry.  It just happened.  Now days, I attend poetry readings where I both listen and read publicly.