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Our customers say:

“Aid Through Trade™'s Roll-On™ bracelets are consistently the best-selling item in our store.  Customers are drawn to their vibrant colors, and then are delighted to learn the beautiful story behind them.  It's great to have a product of such quality and integrity.” - Anastasia @ Nest, Clarksville, MD

“It is always a pleasure to deal with Aid Through Trade™, the customer service is excellent and we love to support the women and children in Nepal.  We thank you for ongoing good service and smiles!!!” - Cathy @ As Kindred Spirits, Washington D.C.

“I’ve been working with Aid Through Trade™ for a few years now and everything goes smoothly with them.  I have a great trust and rapport built up with Stacey who I work with over the phone.  The beaded bracelets (Roll-On™s especially) do really well and help people feel good about their purchase.  I look forward to continuing our ‘Trade’ relationship.” - Kathryn Katrenos @ Environmental Realists/ERTCO, Sedona, AZ

"Aid Through Trade™ is a great company to work with. They are very friendly, have an accurate billing system, ship orders faster than anyone and you can always get a live person on the line. I love doing business with Aid Through Trade™ and plan to continue business with them for a very long time." - Sarah Instenes @ Paloma Clothing, Portland, OR