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One of our greatest powers as individuals in the western world is how we choose to spend our money.  At Aid Through Trade™ we know this to be true; in fact, we have built our entire organization with this in mind.  We also feel that while conscientious consumerism does help to make a positive difference, the desirability of our products will ensure our Fair Trade business practices continue. 

Below is a short list of some of the Fair Trade business practices that we embrace:
- We ensure fair pay (a living wage)
- Sustainable income (we have long-term plans)
- We ensure safe and healthy working conditions for all
- No forced or child labor (anti-sweatshop mentality)
- Education of consumers on importance of Fair Trade
- Daily meal provided for artisans working in the "office”
- A work from home program providing income not available to most women in Nepal is provided
- Retirement funds are provided
- Health care benefits such as eye care and yoga are provided

Aid Through Trade™ is proud to be a member of both The Fair Trade Federation and Green America.  Both of these organizations work to bring greater equality to those involved in the manufacture of products for export in developing countries.

Aid Through Trade constantly strives for Sustainability

Aid Through Trade™ practices sustainability in all aspects of our business. We make decisions for the future not only of our business, but also the future welfare of our artisans abroad. We also believe that human actions affect the environment and consequently take proactive measures to limit our environmental footprint.

We all make a collective effort to be environmentally aware and responsible, including working towards a 100% carbon neutral office environment. This involves using electricity generated from wind farms, using recycled paper exclusively and sparingly, and the implementing of an intelligent IT power strategy. We also use low wattage fluorescent lighting and turn off all air conditioning when our offices are unoccupied.

Aid Through Trade™ also works to make sure that our organization will be here into the future to continue our relationship with our wholesale clients, as well as provide a reliable living wage and healthy working environment for our artisans abroad. Having survived as a small business since 1993 with continued growth is testament to these efforts and we plan on many more to come!