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Damian, Wade and Aid Through Trade artisans in our Kathmandu studio designing a new piece.

All of our designs are completely unique to Aid Through Trade and inspired by our frequent travels to Nepal. They come from the minds of our tremendously talented designers Damian Jones (Founder and Head Designer of Aid Through Trade), or by our new designer Wade Jensen.

From the beginning, our design focus has been on color. To achieve this, we work closely with our artisans and supply them with only the finest quality glass beads from sources in Europe and Japan. Our vibrant, high quality glass beads and our color design experience combine to create exclusive Aid Through Trade™ adornments.

While our design focus is on color, our jewelry is also designed to be worn! We carefully consider the practical implications of our designs before moving forward with any production. We have the utmost confidence that our products will look as good years into the future as they do today, and as a result we will repair or replace any damaged items without question. We also feature a lifetime warranty on our popular Roll-On® bracelets.

Our Designers

Damian working with one of our artisans in Kathmandu

Damian Jones - Founder and Head Designer

When Damian Jones founded Aid Through Trade, he realized quickly that evolving designs was going to be key to sustainability. Using his science background to help chart out thousands of codes for color combinations, and falling back on his color skills as a painter and photographer, he began designing. Since 1993 he has been the designer for Aid Through Trade. Color became the signature feature of the line. In 2013 he was the in-country host and coordinator the for designer Wade Jensen.

Wade in Kathmandu, Nepal searching for some new jewelry components

Wade Jensen

We are incredibly excited to announce that designer Wade Jensen will be launching a new jewelry line for Aid Through Trade. The line was born out of his two-week trip to Nepal, where he worked closely with our skilled artisans; he came away inspired by both their skill and the Nepali culture. Many of the materials used in the collection are brand new for us at Aid Through Trade, and we couldn’t be more enthused.

Wade graduates from the Art Institute of Chicago and lives and works out of his studio in Brooklyn, N.Y. He has worked for numerous high-end fashion companies, including Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, and Kate Spade. In that capacity, he’s traveled the world over from Asian to Europe to South America.